What is the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)?

Fraud, errors and abuse cost Medicare billions of dollars each year. Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) can help prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud.

The U.S. General Accounting Office estimates that $1 of every $7 spent on Medicare is paid inappropriately due to fraud, errors and abuse. It is estimated that $60 billion is lost each year nationwide to Medicare Fraud.

Law enforcement on every level—county, state and federal—are joining forces to crack down on abusers, but they need your help. Armed with knowledge about Medicare fraud—how to PREVENT it, how to DETECT it, and how to REPORT it—you can join the fight against Medicare fraud and preserve Medicare for generations to come.

That's where the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) comes in.

SMP's mission is to empower and assist Medicare beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to prevent, detect and report Medicare and health care fraud, errors, and abuse through outreach, counseling and education. SMPs are grant funded projects of the federal U.S. Administration of Community Living (ACL), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The SMP is housed within the Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) at the Iowa Insurance Division to work through our network of more than 350 SHIIP–SMP volunteers across the state.

Reporting Medicare Fraud

When Iowans on Medicare, their caregivers and family members contact SMP, we work one-on-one with you to review your information. If a health care billing error is involved, we provide one-on-one counseling to help correct the error. If we determine fraud or abuse is possible, SMP makes a referral to the appropriate state and federal agencies to investigate. If you suspect fraud, errors or abuse, make an appointment with a SHIIP–SMP counselor

Conduct Outreach and Education

SHIIP–SMP volunteers give presentations to groups, exhibit at events, and use other outreach opportunities to help Iowans prevent and detect fraud.