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What's New in Medicare

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Getting Ready for 2022 Open Enrollment Period

During the next couple of months Iowans on Medicare will be receiving a lot of information about changes to Medicare drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans and other benefits for 2023.  Your current plan may increase your premium, deductible and the amount you pay for your drugs at the pharmacy. They may even change their pharmacy network. It is important for you to be on top of these changes.

SHIIP/SMP encourages you to do three important things during the Medicare Open Enrollment October 15th to December 7th.

  • Review your plan notice. Read any notice from your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan about changes for next year.
  • Think about what matters most to you.  Medicare health and drug plans change each year, and so do your health needs. Does your current plan best meet your needs?  One of the newer benefits offered by several of the plans is the insulin savings program.  Plans that participate in this program offer multiple types of insulin for a maximum copayment of $35 for a month's supply.
  • Shop for the plans that meet your needs and fit your budget.  Compare plans even if you have been satisfied with your current plan.  The coverage and costs for plans can change from year to year.  

You can save money by comparing plans each year. Last year SHIIP/SMP counselors across the state helped people compare their Part D and Medicare Advantage plans and helped Iowans on Medicare save millions of dollars by changing to a different plan. It doesn't cost anything to review your options.  For assistance with a comparison contact SHIIP/ SMP, or you can do your own comparison at

If you do not have drug coverage, October 15 to December 7 is your next opportunity to enroll!  If you need Part D coverage now, SHIIP/SMP counselors can check to see if there are any 5-Star Medicare Advantage plan options in your area.

SHIIP/SMP is a service of the State of Iowa Insurance Division and we help folks with questions or problems related to Medicare and health insurance.  SHIIP/SMP does not sell or endorse particular companies, products, or agents. We just help people compare so they are in the plan which is best for the next year!  SHIIP/ SMP provides confidential and objective up-to-date information - and it's free!

Remember—SHIIP/ SMP counselors are available to help you compare your choices and understand Medicare drug coverage. You can schedule an appointment with a Counselor by calling your local site or by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-351-4664 Monday-Friday during working hours.