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Medicare What You Need to Know 2021

Medicare What You Need to Know

Health insurance is often confusing.  Medicare Part A, Part B, Part D, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage probably add to the confusion.  The State of Iowa can provide helpful information to help you navigate through these issues.  If you are like everyone else, you have received mountains of information on Medicare and other health insurance options.  The information in this publication can help you sort through important information as you work toward a decision.  After you have read through it, you may want additional information and we can help.  The State of Iowa created the Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP), a special program designed to help answer your questions.  SHIIP has a dedicated corps of volunteer insurance counselors trained to personally assist you in evaluating your options.  They can answer your questions about Medicare and other insurance choices.  To find the SHIIP volunteer nearest you, call1-800-351-4664, (TTY 1-800-735-2942) or visit Find A SHIIP--SMP Counselor on this website.  Or read our Medicare What You Need to Know 2022 guide.