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Be a SHIIP-SMP Volunteer

Be A SHIIP--SMP Volunteer

SHIIP-SMP is always seeing volunteer counselors and office assistants.

Counselors provide one-on-one assistance to help Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers, or representatives with questions and problems related to Medicare, related health insurances and Medicare fraud. Counselors also assist with awareness of SHIIP-SMP services with informal discussions with partners or group presentations.

Office Assistants support Counselors, including setting up online accounts, confirming and entering medications at, scheduling appointments and other basic administrative tasks. 

SHIIP-SMP provides training and resources to assure SHIIP-SMP volunteers are prepared and have the tools and support they need for the counseling and for community education.

For more information about becoming a SHIIP-SMP volunteer counselor or office assistant see our brochure "Be A SHIIP Volunteer".

Please view our  Volunteer Job Description and The Volunteer Counselor Requirements.

When you are ready to apply you can download an application and apply by mail or complete an online application.